Why I blog -- Part 2

A year ago in just my second blog post, I explained why I write a blog. My answer then (and now) is I keep a blog as an intellectual journal of sorts. Blogging is my way of pulling together into a coherent form all the stray thoughts rolling around in my mind. Writing helps me sift the good thoughts from all the bad and fit them all together in a logical pattern.

Purple Cow Erratum

I've been reading "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin lately and am loving it. I read one of the case studies in the book today and found it quite funny in light of the 500,000 iPhones Apple sold last Friday.

He wrote:

Case Study: Motorola and Nokia

Guess what? Cell phones are now boring. Just about everyone who needs a phone now has one. Most people who want a phone have one, too. The companies that built that revolution now have a problem: What next?What do they have to put into a phone to get people to notice it? Is it possible to make a remarkable phone anymore?

It's obvious now that Apple has figured out how to make a remarkable phone with its iPhone, a purple cow worthy phone, while Nokia and Motorola have not.

Perhaps it's time for Seth to update his case study?