A unit testing success story

This summer I was accepted to Google Summer of Code to build a memetracker application for Drupal.

I want the Memetracker module to facilitate online conversations amongst distributed communities. For my dream to become reality, Memetracker will need help from many talented developers. This summer I'll be setting a solid foundation for future development of the memetracker module. One important thing I'll be doing is writing unit tests for all the functions of the memetracker. Unit tests, I'm convinced, is one thing Memetracker needs in order to ensure its long term success.

Drupal Memetracker Module -- My Google Summer of Code Application

Executive Summary

I propose to write two modules for Drupal as part of Google Summer of Code. One called memetracker and the other called machinelearningapi. The memetracker module will use algorithms in the machinelearningapi to intelligently filter and group content from designated content sources both internal and external. The module's purpose is to find and display to a community in real time the most interesting conversations and memes within the community as they emerge.