Chatroom Feature for Drupal 6.x built with Node.js and Backbone.js

Recently, for fun and learning, I built a group chatroom feature for Drupal 6.x. I've been learning and using Node.js and Backbone.js the past few months and building a chatroom seemed like a great project to stretch my skills.

I've recently pronounced it "finished" and the code is available on Github. There are a few obscure bugs left but by and large, it's plenty stable for those wanting a chatroom on Drupal 6.x.

Creating a CCK Field module with an "invisible" widget

Most CCK Field modules have a widget where the user adds information upon creating a node which is then saved with the node. For the recent Etherpad module I wrote, I needed an "invisible" widget which saved with each new node some information from the field definition as well as autogenerated information. As I didn't any documentation on how to do this, I thought I'd document it here quickly.

The first thing you do is define your database columns for your field in hook_field_settings.


Eduglu Alpha 6 released

Time for another Eduglu release! Download Alpha 6 at

There's been lots of progress made since Alpha 5. Along with the usual assortment of bug fixes and tweaks, major new features include:

  • A new Quiz feature based on the Drupal quiz module. The Drupal quiz module has an extensive feature list and is widely used in the Drupal community. This is just the start of Eduglu's quiz integration but it's already provided a powerful boost to Eduglu's capabilities.

Looking for Alpha Testers for Eduglu, a new Drupal Install Profile for Higher Education

I've been working on a social learning site based on Drupal for the past two years as a student at Brigham Young University and am now working towards readying it for its maiden release into the world as a full-fledged Drupal install profile.

My goal with Eduglu is to:
a) Provide a superb out-of-the-box social learning engine to help departments, clubs, classrooms, and other campus groups communicate, collaborate, and learn with one another.

How to create custom ical exports by category using Drupal and the Views and Calendar modules

Lately I've been helping out a web development team at BYU develop a new calendaring system in Drupal to replace our existing all-in-one calendar. It's an ambitious project that's leveraging quite a few different modules from the Drupalsphere.

Some of the features include:

  • Import ical feeds.
  • Filter events for display by event category
  • Download customized ical feeds by category (i.e. Student wants to import just sport and academic events into his personal calendar).