Presentation from OpenEd 2009

I presented at the OpenEd Conference this year in Vancouver BC. Great fun.


My section starts ~20 minutes in.


Resources listed in the presentation:
-- ” Here Comes Everyone” by Clay Shirky
-- ” Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means" by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi Excellent intro to science of networks
-- Introduction to using patterns in web design –
-- ” Designing for Social Traction” –
-- ” Drupal for Education and E-Learning” by Bill Fitzgerald
-- ” The Art of the Community” – upcoming book by Ubuntu community manager –
-- ” The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization” by Peter Senge
-- ” The Only Sustainable Edge: Why Business Strategy Depends on Productive Friction and Dynamic Specialization” by John Hagel and John Seely Brown
-- ” Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0” by John Seely Brown and Richard P. Adler
-- ” Design Innovation and Innovation Ecotones” by Ann Pendleton-Jullian
-- ” Building Web 2.0 Reputation Systems” –
-- ” Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization's Toughest Challenges” by Andrew McAfee

Social software Patterns

-- ” Designing Social Interfaces” –
-- ” Community Design Patterns” –
-- ” Social Software Pattern Language” –



[...] we need to do is to study these visionary teachers, identify the successful patterns they're using, and design social learning technology which implemen... in a vastly simplified and consistent manner. Only then will these technologies and methods see [...]